Wehrloom Mead Menu - Robbinsville 

Dry County Dry - 11.4%ABV

This traditional mead is rather simple, it boasts just four ingredients, water, yeast, oak cubes, and honey, but the taste is anything but simple. Made with our local "Appalachian Mountain Honey" to create an exceptional honey flavor, this dry mead almost tricks you into thinking its got a little sweetness in there.

Cherry Sour - 10%ABV

Cherry Mead with Lime

There's a long history of cherry being added to mead dating back to the Vikings, often referred to as "Viking's Blood".

Spoiler alert, we're not Vikings, but find their stories and lure fascinating and wanted to join the party. Strong

cherry flavor on the front, but hold on because like a Viking ship, the sour is quick on it's heels. Pucker up buttercup!

Black"bear"ry - 6.9%ABV

Blackberry Mead with Lavender, Hibiscus and Vanilla 

Meads made with the addition of fruit are called melomels. We've combined our loca "Appalachian Mountain Honey", blackberries, lavender, hibiscus, and vanilla. The lavender and hibiscus lay the ground work with a nice mellow, earthy flavor only to be followed up by a nice sour blackberry finish. The vanilla seems to hold it all together and add a nice smooth ending. 

Everybody Loves a Ginger - 5.5%ABV

Ginger Mead with Green Tea, Lemon and Lime 

Meads made with the addition of spices are called metheglins. Made with our local "Appalachian Mountain Honey". We steeped fresh ginger in our favorite green tea, with a little lemon and lime for good measure to create this deliciously cozy beverage. Plenty of sweet smelling ginger on the nose with a slight citrus note, dry and crisp, but warms up on the tongue with 

a little spice as it should.

Strawberry Lemonade - 5.5%ABV

Who doesn’t love a nice refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade on a hot summer’s day? Strawberries and lemonade are a classic, good on there own, but unbelievable together. So whether you just finished mowing the yard or are relaxing by the pool, sit back and enjoy a classic.

Yardsale - 6.9%ABV

Mead with everything but the kitchen sink 

Meads made with the addition of herbs and spices are called metheglins, and this one has got a little bit of everthing. From lemon balm, to lavender, to good ole cascade hops. Herbal and earthy, with just the right amount of bitterness it has all the qualities of a juicy IPA. Enjoy!