All the honeys we sell are raw, meaning they are not heated and pasteurized, and are only lightly filtered. This helps to retain that fresh from the hive taste and all the corresponding health benefits. This honey is already crystallized, so warming it will change its peanut butter like consistency back to liquid. Because of this we do not ship this honey during hot summer months.

Spun Honey

  • We start with a delicious mesquite honey and by carefully controlling the natural crystallization we create a smooth, spreadable honey you're sure to love. Produced from the blooms of the mesquite tree in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona, mesquite honey is prized for its aromatic, sweet taste and white color. Try this honey on a peanut butter sandwich or your favorite buiscut.

  • If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us so we can arrange for a refund or replacement.

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